3-year poject completed!

A three-year project launched by the Bavarian Government and the German Parliament has just come to it’s end. We are proudly looking back on 101 days of workshops, trainings and seminars in culturally conscious communication, welcoming more than 1200 participants at AWO Organisations and at Hans-Weinberger Academy.

Last week KUBEKOM carried out the last two workshops for this project named “Zusammenhalt durch Teilhabe” (Social cohesion through Participation). Five KUBEKOM-Certified Trainers took the advantage to sit in on the workshops for their professional formation on culturally conscious communication.

The three-year project focussed on professional management of cultural diversity through KUBEKOM’s innovative and cross-disciplinary approach, enabling employees and contributors of AWO-Organizations working in contexts of migration, education, health care and multigenerational environments. The project was coordinated by Georg-Von-Vollmar Academy – Many Thanks again for your permanent and attentive support!